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Standard Meta Searchers: Old School

These are some "oldies but goodies." The following list includes some notable examples of standard meta search engines, many of these having been around for years and have remained quite popular with the searching public.

Dogpile - Excite - Hunt It Out - IxQuick - Mamma - MetaCrawler - MetaSearch - MetaEureka - Search.com - WebCrawler - WindSeek - Vivisimo - ZapMeta

Meta Searchers: New School

Below you will find some excellent examples of newer meta search engines. Many include nifty features for advanced searching, such as clustering. Clustering search engines gather results into groups around a certain theme, or in some cases just provide you with related keywords that perhaps will aid the user to zero in on your goal. Others offer the user the ability to set the bias of each search engine the meta searcher pulls results from. For example, telling it to weigh results more from Yahoo than from Ask Jeeves.

Clusty - ez2find - Ithaki - Izito - Kartoo - KillerInfo - Mooter - Turbo10 - Nuah - Ujiko - WebClust

All-In-One Search Pages

Below you will find some excellent examples of what I call all-in-one search pages. These are not technically meta search engines as they only allow the user to search one engine at a time, but they certainly provide a valuable service to the web searcher.

AllSearches - iTools - Multi-Search-Engine - Port Prophecy - Queryster's SearchX - Search22 - Searchalot

Conclusion: There are several advantages to using meta search engines, the most obvious advantage being the ability to get results from multiple search engines without having to visit each in turn. Meta searchers in general are fast ways of getting information on things broad in scope. And finally they are important in allowing the user to see how the various search engines return results on the same query.



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